While in most modern-day construction Chrome fixtures are becoming a thing of the past, they do have their place in the custom design field. Chrome Fixtures are the perfect accent for modern-contemporary settings as well as historical restorations. Adding a crispness, hard to achieve with other fixtures. 

polished brass


From Simple and functional, To designer and lavish, bathrooms are our most requested remodel service. We pride ourselves in our craftsmanship and attention to detail on every project. While often being the smallest rooms in the house,  they without a doubt bring upon the most challenges. We have seen it all, from rotten sub-floors, to mold behind shower walls. These rooms take a beating in every home. Our goal is create a comfortable, functional living space you will enjoy for years to come. On this page you will find collections of bathrooms accessories we have used in the past. Taking the guess work out of picking finishes for your project.

We will start with the Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish, also referred to as "ORB" This Finish has been the trend for several years. Expressing a warm and cozy atmosphere. If Your desire is comfort and elegance, this is your goto finish. While there are many different styles within this color scheme, The most important is to choose a quality product that withstands the test of time. 

The Key to any theme is the details. From door handles to shower and sink drains, it's important to match finishes. We have created a bathroom checklist page to help streamline the process. There You will find other useful information about measurements and design.

Bronze Finishes are complemented with natural colors found in travertine tile, Marble,  granite, dark woodworks, and earth-tone paints.

Just No! While there was a time where Polished Brass was the epitome Wealth and class, That time left in the '80s and '90s. With so many color and style options of today's market treat yourself to something a little more up to date and stylish. Nothing will kill a home sale like brass fixtures.

Oil Rubbed Bronze

​While we all have our own taste in style and design, Brushed Nickel is complemented best with light colors, painted woodwork, Light blues, and Aquas make for an excellent beachfront feel. Light-colored countertops complement this type of fixture as well. While there is a clear difference in brushed nickel and satin nickel. they both produce the same atmosphere when incorporated into a room

​Brushed Nickel

Chrome Fixtures can be the perfect accent for stand-alone tubs, Clawfoot Tubs, as well as unique contemporary tiled showers. In our experience, less is more when it comes to chrome. Consider using White light fixtures, towel hooks, and other accessories when using chrome fixtures.  Chrome accessories can easily become overbearing. Stick with chrome faucets, drains, mirror tracks, and shower door hardware.


Brushed Nickel Finishes are our second most popular. They are timeless, elegant, and stylish. These finishes are universal and can be blended with almost any color scheme. Be it country themed, or beachfront. This type of finish is more forgiving of hard water, and staining compared to " ORB" or Chrome.