Thank you all for your Responses, and support. While I am experiencing a lot of calls for work, please understand at this time, I will be Isolating with my family until May 1 minimum. This may change, depending upon the recommendations of the state and local governments.  I greatly appreciate all of your support, and I look forward to moving forward with all of your projects! 

If you have been to the grocery stores, and we all have. You have most likely seen bare shelves, from food, bath tissue, and bottled water. Unless you are living in a cave, or off the grid its unlikely you will need 700 cases of bottled water. None the less Its probably a good idea to keep a few cases on hand for emergencies. However, While you are hunkered down in your home with your family you may find that you are going through water, like.. well,.. water... This may leave you in a bad situation should any other disaster occur where water service may be disrupted. (not to mention the impact on the planet). A good alternative to using bottled water and quite frankly a money saver, Is to consider an R/O system. While whole-house systems are quite pricey. We personally use an under sink single outlet water R/O system in our own home. If you are not familiar with Reverse Osmosis, These are systems of filtration that remove virtually all chemicals, bacteria, and even pathogens when used in combination with ultraviolet lights. This all sounds complicated but manufacturers truly have made this a simple and affordable process. The picture link to the right is a highly recommended system that is easy to install for anyone even the mechanically limited weekend warrior.  These systems attach to any angle valve under your sink, the directions and videos make it an easy install. The tools required are as simple as a pair of pliers and a screwdriver. These systems do require an additional hole for the faucet. If your sink or countertops have a soap dispenser (that most of us don't use) the faucet usually will fit in its place. If you do not have an extra hole, it will require drilling of the countertop or sink area. For directions and proper bits selection, I will be glad to assist anyone with this process. I will add links to this process in the following days. 

Expand your resourses

In the midst of a worldwide crisis, there appears to be a huge shortage of toilet paper, When in reality Supplies remain the same, and warehouses are stocked. The true problem lies with over buying and hoarding. Regardless of this "shortage", some things should not be substituted. While some may not think twice about reinventing this wheel, please do not consider this. I know I have seen in many years of non-hysteria times, people have flushed wet wipes, paper towels, dish rags, and much much more.

    Don't be this person. Bath tissue is specifically designed for our sewer systems to keep them flowing. While other paper and cloth have an adverse effect. by absorbing water, while staying intact. Thus causing a huge problem for both homeowners, and city sanitation systems.

   If you think being locked in the house with your little ones, or other family members is bad... just imagine having the nightmare of a backed-up sewer system,.

Crisis Brings inovation‚Äč

Keeping your sanity

Keeping your sanity while being homebound for days is tough, Weeks certainly tougher, however at this point there just doesn't seem to be an end in sight. Each day the news seems worse, the kids grow more and more anxious, and your patience grows smaller and smaller. Personally, I have to be outdoors, I refuse to stay cooped up inside the house while the sun shines and the birds sing. To me, there is nothing better than working in the yard to ease stress and anxiety. So for me, I turn to one of my favorite hobbies, Gardening! in this time it really is a win/ win situation. I get much needed outdoor time while growing my favorite foods. All while avoiding my least favorite thing- the grocery store! Not everyone has the space for a large garden, or the equipment to properly prepare an area. A good alternative to this is a greenhouse. offering a controlled environment, and shelter from the weather to be outdoors even when the weather tests our patience. There is a wide variety of greenhouses available for delivery, Depending on your level of ambition to construct one, and your dedication to the number of plants your wish to maintain. While the tent type greenhouse offers a lot of space for your buck, I personally like the more rigid PVC solid panel construction. 

A good alternative and peace of mind to combat The fears of a tissue shortage would be to install a bidet. While in the u.s this is a growing trend. it's highly popular among other countries. These New style bidets are simple to install. cost-effective, and can be shipped directly to your home. Installation is simple and easy. The tools required are minimal and can be found in even a minimalist tool kit.  The example on the right can be found on amazon by clicking the image. While there is a wide variety of manufacturers, the cost is under $100.00 and take usually less than an hour to install. water is supplied from the toilet valve located behind every toilet. Never force a valve when turning into the off position. be gentle! if there is resistance this is usually caused by calcium or other minerals built up inside the valve. In my experience, Turning the gently as far as they will go in each direction will usually free up the valve allowing it to turn off completely.  If the valve absolutely will not shut off, you can locate your main water supply shut off. Often found in the basement or near the water heater. opening a faucet will relieve the pressure, so that water won't spray everywhere once the supply line is removed.